About Us

Our Mission:

Here at Only Solar Products, our mission is to promote the adoption of solar energy into mainstream society. Right now, for many people, solar power is something niche they hear about in the news and perhaps see in a solar farm, but not something they use daily. 

We want to change that. Solar is clean energy generation anywhere in the world where there is sunlight. Solar products should be as common as any other outdoor product. Yet, at the writing of this post, solar is still a niche market that is not filling the shelves of our stores and filling our lives with value.  If there is to be a mass adoption of renewable energy, people need to feel comfortable with this technology by using it in their every day lives. 

We want to contribute any way we can, first by providing a marketplace for solar products, bringing attention to solar products, and lastly supporting the development of new products that will enhance the lives of everyone. Electricity is modernity, therefore reliable energy is as close to a human necessity as water.

Support us in our mission to enhance the lives of others and save this planet one panel at a time.